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Reflection of light ppt

Reflection of light ppt

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29 Aug Reflection power point. KatlinSapp. spanglerscience. chapter 10 - refraction of light (na). Stanley Ang. inaino. Properties of. Light is an electromagnetic wave in that it has wave like properties which can be The Law of Reflection states that- " the angle of incidence (incoming ray). They may continue to think of both light and darkness as states of being, so they do not explain shadows in terms of light propagation. journey: may involve transmission, reflection, refraction, partial absorption C21 ppt P Ray diagrams.

Reflection of Light. Slide 2. Luminous objects – generate their own light (the sun). Illuminated objects – reflect light (the moon). Line of Sight – a line from an. Reflection of Light. Reflection – the turning back of an electromagnetic wave at the surface of a substance. Clear vs. Diffuse Reflection. Specular reflection: light . Light. Properties of light; Reflection; Colours. Part 1 – Properties of Light. Light travels in Light travels VERY FAST – around , kilometres per second.

The Reflection of Light; Forming Images with a Plane Mirror; Spherical Mirrors; Ray Tracing and the Mirror Equation; The Refraction of Light; Ray Tracing for. Reflection. Reflection – wave strikes a surface and is bounced back. As light waves pass from one medium to another, they also change direction. Snell's Law . We describe the path of light as straight-line rays; Reflection off a flat surface Image is made from “real” light rays that converge at a real focal point so the. Reflection of light. Specular and diffused reflection. Smooth or gloss surface. ( Mirror, glass or still body of water). Rough or matt surface. (bricks, wood, wall paint. A PowerPoint Presentation by. Paul E. Tippens Illustrate graphically the reflection of light from plane, convex, and concave mirrors. Geometrical Optics.


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